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Diligent Creativity August 28, 2009

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OK so I have explained diligent joy and then the realisation hit me that the same thing can be applied to my creativity.

You see I am always waiting for this or that to create draw or be crafty generally and there is never the right time.

ideaDuring the week this one went around twitter, it was a blog post called 100 Excellent online tools to feed your creativity (go check it out it is excellent but be sure to come back).  So I was scrolling through them and go to the photo section. I have seen many people who have done a photo a day type things, and thought wow what a great idea…but I just never make the time to do it.

But guess what…there are already so many images here on the web already why reinvent…so I will just pick one at random and let that inspire me in some way.  I will endeavor to do that every day in September and hopefully then I will have created a creative habit towards diligent creativity…hmm well that’s the plan anyway!

So – I’m going out, grabbing the bull by the horns and, well, here goes!