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Diligent Joy August 21, 2009

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If you have a copy of the gorgeous Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat Pray Love you may have noticed on page #273 a phrase that resonated so strongly with me. I remember reading it, I was on the treadmill at the time, reading a copy loaned to me from a friend and I beamed from ear to ear as the words hit home.

Later that week I rushed out and bought my own copy, and 2 to give as gifts to my best friends.

OMG, I thought, if I was to ever get a tattoo this would be it.  I would have it right there on my wrist for me to see like a timepiece of ‘old’ so that every time I looked down I would be reminded of it.

Maybe I could convert it to French orLatin for some extra cache (we all know what instant importance that lends to quotes)

So those of you with the book…found it yet?????

For those of you without it…get ready:

Joie diligente

Diligent Joy…OK so the post title gave it away….oops!

Don’t you think that really sums up life?  I’ve been reading a few different articles lately on happiness and our ‘quest’ to find it – but it is within us all the time, we need to be reminded to squeeze that joy out of ourselves in order to ‘find’ it.  Let yourself be happy, it’s more than thinking positively, it is about being in the moment and accepting, it is remembering to let go and be…

To be diligent means to show care and conscientiousnes, but the best definition is its derivative from Middle English via old French from Latin: ‘diligere’ to love, take delight in!

That’s not so say that things won’t get us down, I get bummed sometimes too, but with a reminder of “Joie diligente” I would take the time to say, OK, this too shall pass and look for the delightful things I have…I really would if only I would remember to do it!!!

Oh yes…full circle.  So my friends, love and take delight in the joy of being joyful! It is truly contagious.

Gotta go, I’m off for a diligently joyful weekend with my family, and I feel an artwork coming on…


The Inducement of Loyalty June 21, 2009

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Social media and social media experts have hit the spotlight with goodness only knows how many blog posts on the topic!  At the end of the day everything on twitter, blogging, facebook, my space et al is centred around the inducement of loyalty.

So how does a marketer induce loyalty…by remembering the ME in MEkerting!

Remembering that the times are changing and consumer centric content is more important than ever before, that is until the next wave comes along…maybe the next wave is no content…the silence of tumbleweeds blowing across our web pages as our customers flock to virtual reality experiences available through their TV, x-box or PS3??? But I digress…

So remember to make it about me, talk with me, know me, because really I don’t care a bit about you, or your silly features and benefits, I want you to listen to me and be receptive to me…

As your customer I may not be loyal forever…that’s for the really big boys like Apple, Coke & Nike, but I will be loyal for now, and to spread my wonderful word of mouth joy about your juicy brand, all you need is now, not forever!

So induce my loyalty now, mekert to me…gotta go, ‘Apple’ is asking me a question about a tweet I made earlier…


Creativity Advocate Sir Ken Robinson June 10, 2009

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I can’t embed this video, but do yourself a favor and go to the RISD site and watch all 34 minutes of it.

With a wry humor that is very stereotypically British, the insightful part of Sr Ken’s speech begins about half way through when he starts talking about creativity.

Here are my favorite takeaways:

  • Challenge the things you take for granted ~ which is quite difficult, because it is hard to know what we take for granted since we take it for granted…!
  • There are many things in our lives that enthrall our minds that we should think about again.
  • The power to conceive of alternatives is unique to us…use it!
  • Design & creativity celebrates the diversity of human intelligence!
  • Finding your passion is essential to your path in life.
  • If you love something your whole life is transformed by it (Note: not just relates to creativity & work, but love, life, family…)
  • Cherish diversity = pulse of creativity + innovation + human life!
  • We need each other, the interdependence of human talents is profound.
  • Make connections.
  • Life is not linear, it’s organic.
  • Invest in your talent and life reconfigures around you.
  • Expose yourself to new possibilities and meet them head on with your talent alert, confidence aroused & you will find purpose and meaning.
  • Right beneath the surface are the seeds of possibility waiting for the right conditions.  Create the right conditions and success is a certainty.

Wonderful and inspiring stuff, and I am sure the class of 2009 left feeling vindicated and uplifted, because as he pointed out they were probably discouraged from pursuing creative careers due to the perception of lack of financial benefit.

But creative thinking ability is the financial benefit of the future, and that future is starting now!

Sorry, gotta go dig up some seeds and plant my talent for tomorrow’s creative harvest…


be Brain-zing-ingly Creative! May 29, 2009

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s Keynote May 27, 2009

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This is a really nice, funny and at times thought provoking speech to the Carnegie Mellon graduates.  He talks about the technological comparison between his time and theirs/now.  It is amazing to hear the developments over the past 20 or so years spelled out in this way.

My takeouts?

Take advantage of your opportunities to make your own luck, you cannot plan innovation, just plan to be ready.

Do things in a group, groups are stronger and faster.

Trust is your most important currency in a networked world.

Live for the future.

Remember humans are more important than technology ~ remember to switch it off sometimes!

A mind set in it’s ways is a mind wasted.


Staff who care May 19, 2009

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Being in marketing means that we are the driver of the brand for the company, often the creative behind it and the creative ahead of it, originate from the marketing department.  However we all know that the face of that brand belongs to the staff.

Something many companies do not link correctly are the HR and marketing functions.  Internal branding is just as important, if not more so, than the external branding.  Because without the staff on board the marketing manifesto then you can forget the customer experience reflecting that slick message the board spent thousands to develop one bonding weekend!

We run staff days and it has been my job at my past few employers to inspire and encourage staff buy in with regards to the company ethos and branding…not always easy to do!  There has to be emotion and feeling not intellectualism of the brand message ~ intellectually staff already get it, I tell them so they get it..they understand why it is important, they don’t have a job if they don’t make it important.  But they don’t all feel it!

Perception is everything.  Period!  So if staff perceive that management are not living the brand message and simply rolling out trite corporate rhetoric then what hope is there for the brand evangelist!  Management ‘made’ the brand message for goodness sake, of course they are engaged…aren’t they?  They feel engaged…but how do staff perceive them?

lady faceAhhh, the circular argument!  So perhaps we do not concentrate so much on the engagement but on INVOLVEMENT.  Yes I agree it is not possible to involve EVERY staff member in the determination of your brand promise, but it is possible to ask for their involvement afterwards…how would they approach it, what does it mean to them, how would they like to be treated in a situation like this or that, is that consistent with their behaviour and the brand promise?  It’s internal MEkerting at work here…

Get the staff involved…they turn up to work, they follow procedures, that is engagement.  Make sure that their brand experience is a positive one, mekert to them, involve them, make it about them, and let them mekert to your customers.

It’s hard work keeping so many different personalities on message, but is that a function you would trust just to HR?  Don’t think so!   Sorry to rush off but I gotta go talk to some staff about a smile policy…(grins)

Curious about this silly word MEkerting? Visit my earlier posts about it.


Seth Goden TED Talk on Tribes May 12, 2009

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Anybody not familiar with Seth Goden must go check out his blog, he is a real thinker.  Not everybody agrees with him all the time but that does not matter.

What matters is that he is out there creating a movement challenging the staus quo and committing to challenging marketers, thinkers, advertisers, employers, all of us to do likewise.

You need to watch his TED talkit is amazing, it is 17:23 minutes long but worth every second to get your own juices flowing and asking better questions.

So, my takeout? It’s about being a leader about 15 minutes in:


Challenge the staus quo

Build culture

They have a curiosity

They connect people

They commit to the cause and the tribe

Seth finishes by imploring us to go out and create a movement…something that matters!

I’m inspired…back soon, I’m off to think about my tribe…I’ll keep you posted!