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Think of the flip side June 24, 2010

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Derek Sivers again at TED in India gave a talk titled Weird, or Just Different…

A totally WOW moment that demonstrates by example a simple thing many of us take for granted as the ‘way things are’ but also the possibility of an exact opposite rendering ‘our’ way confusing.

Think of the way your business operates, your marketing messages, what things can you turn upside down?  What opposites can you create to expose your customers to a ‘different’ experience?

What kind of a WOW moment would it create?  Would it be just the kind of VonRestorff effect you need to create memorability?


Inspirational benefits of personal projects March 6, 2010

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Trying to spend some time catching up on my subscribed blogs and I came across a posting today on the Swissmiss site, a great link to a recording of a talk by Ji Lee;

Here is the promo blurb about this presentation: Bored with his ad agency gig and the uninspiring work he was producing, Ji Lee – now Creative Director of Google Creative Lab – decided to take matters into his own hands in 2002. The result was the ad-spoofing Bubble Project, in which Lee placed blank speech bubbles on ads around New York City. The masses responded and the project went viral, gaining Lee recognition and ultimately forwarding his professional career. Here, Lee talks about how he created, financed, and marketed the project single-handedly.

I loved the simplicity of his message, that your private work can inspire your professional work and vice versa – the two are sides of the same coin.

Which lead me to put a spin on this to add that if you find they are simply not, then perhaps you need to change professions – or find the tenuous links that are surely there.

I work in an industry that would seem on the surface quite unrelated to my passion of children’s art and creativity – yet there are opportunities that I am creating and discovering to utilize my skills and passion to bring this element to life in my professional employment.  When I allow my passion to shine through is usually when I can create ideas for my employer that provide the best opportunities for differentiation and brand building.

When I am just doing what is expected of a ‘marketing manager’ I produce results that anybody could do, and stay in the safe lane because ‘that’s just what you do’.

So, full of renewed passion for combining my personal projects with my professional work, and filled with the reminder that if I want something to happen I have to do it myself…lookout…watch the video below, it’s a great 7 minutes…I’d love to stay and chat but I gotta go create some exciting visuals for my next campaign….

I can’t get the video to embed…drats…but do yourself a favour and go here and check it out. Ji Lee: Power of personal projects


Diligent Creativity August 28, 2009

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OK so I have explained diligent joy and then the realisation hit me that the same thing can be applied to my creativity.

You see I am always waiting for this or that to create draw or be crafty generally and there is never the right time.

ideaDuring the week this one went around twitter, it was a blog post called 100 Excellent online tools to feed your creativity (go check it out it is excellent but be sure to come back).  So I was scrolling through them and go to the photo section. I have seen many people who have done a photo a day type things, and thought wow what a great idea…but I just never make the time to do it.

But guess what…there are already so many images here on the web already why reinvent…so I will just pick one at random and let that inspire me in some way.  I will endeavor to do that every day in September and hopefully then I will have created a creative habit towards diligent creativity…hmm well that’s the plan anyway!

So – I’m going out, grabbing the bull by the horns and, well, here goes!


Creativity Advocate Sir Ken Robinson June 10, 2009

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I can’t embed this video, but do yourself a favor and go to the RISD site and watch all 34 minutes of it.

With a wry humor that is very stereotypically British, the insightful part of Sr Ken’s speech begins about half way through when he starts talking about creativity.

Here are my favorite takeaways:

  • Challenge the things you take for granted ~ which is quite difficult, because it is hard to know what we take for granted since we take it for granted…!
  • There are many things in our lives that enthrall our minds that we should think about again.
  • The power to conceive of alternatives is unique to us…use it!
  • Design & creativity celebrates the diversity of human intelligence!
  • Finding your passion is essential to your path in life.
  • If you love something your whole life is transformed by it (Note: not just relates to creativity & work, but love, life, family…)
  • Cherish diversity = pulse of creativity + innovation + human life!
  • We need each other, the interdependence of human talents is profound.
  • Make connections.
  • Life is not linear, it’s organic.
  • Invest in your talent and life reconfigures around you.
  • Expose yourself to new possibilities and meet them head on with your talent alert, confidence aroused & you will find purpose and meaning.
  • Right beneath the surface are the seeds of possibility waiting for the right conditions.  Create the right conditions and success is a certainty.

Wonderful and inspiring stuff, and I am sure the class of 2009 left feeling vindicated and uplifted, because as he pointed out they were probably discouraged from pursuing creative careers due to the perception of lack of financial benefit.

But creative thinking ability is the financial benefit of the future, and that future is starting now!

Sorry, gotta go dig up some seeds and plant my talent for tomorrow’s creative harvest…