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Giving your brain a boost with social media December 13, 2009

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Just catching up on my podcasts and listened to a great episode, #258 of the Engaging Brand from Anna Farmery.

You can download it here show 258 guide to brain fitness

Anna talks with Alvaro Fernandez of SharpBrains, all about his Guide to Brain Fitness.

Anna asks:

  • What is brain fitness?
  • Why learning is physical
  • The importance of learning how to learn.
  • How experiences aid learning
  • The importance of regulating your emotion
  • How social interaction is needed for a healthy brain.
  • Do some people have higher natural brain fitness than others?
  • The key facets to a maintaining healthy brain

It is worth a listen as Anna, in her usual perceptive style, points out that blogging and podcasting is a very good form of brain boosting behaviour.  One of the discussion points that Alvaro makes is that talking about what you have read and learned and reinforcing the neural pathways is what cements learning – hence gossiping around the water cooler the next morning at work about a tv show is not conducive to brain boosting activity!

However reading a book or attending a seminar and then repeating that knowledge, discussing it, asking yourself questions about it – that is what will help keep the neurons active.  As Anna points out, by blogging and podcasting she is exploring new ideas every day and then imparting that knowledge to others via her blog and podcasts.

Brilliant stuff! So people, not only is blogging a great way to boost your brand or expertise, it is a great way to boost your brain and keep your neurons active and firing.  If ever we needed another reason to keep on blogging!

So I have renewed energy!  I did feel that what I had to say was surely nowhere near as interesting or important as what other more intelligent marketing and creative minds had to say -but you know what?  I’m blogging for me, and if you find it interesting from time to time then welcome aboard!


2 Responses to “Giving your brain a boost with social media”

  1. Kari Lonning Says:

    As usual, what you had to say jump started my brain. I listened to an interesting interview this afternoon about “How the Creative Class is Affecting the Way Businesses Think.” (I’m still processing a few of the things he had to say.)

    But now, I need to go update my blog. Thanks Nikki for posting.

  2. Gary D Says:

    Wow, this is an excellent point you’re making here. As a blogger on brain fitness, it really means a lot to me to know my blogging is improving my brain!! 😉 thanks!

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