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Diligent Joy August 21, 2009

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If you have a copy of the gorgeous Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat Pray Love you may have noticed on page #273 a phrase that resonated so strongly with me. I remember reading it, I was on the treadmill at the time, reading a copy loaned to me from a friend and I beamed from ear to ear as the words hit home.

Later that week I rushed out and bought my own copy, and 2 to give as gifts to my best friends.

OMG, I thought, if I was to ever get a tattoo this would be it.  I would have it right there on my wrist for me to see like a timepiece of ‘old’ so that every time I looked down I would be reminded of it.

Maybe I could convert it to French orLatin for some extra cache (we all know what instant importance that lends to quotes)

So those of you with the book…found it yet?????

For those of you without it…get ready:

Joie diligente

Diligent Joy…OK so the post title gave it away….oops!

Don’t you think that really sums up life?  I’ve been reading a few different articles lately on happiness and our ‘quest’ to find it – but it is within us all the time, we need to be reminded to squeeze that joy out of ourselves in order to ‘find’ it.  Let yourself be happy, it’s more than thinking positively, it is about being in the moment and accepting, it is remembering to let go and be…

To be diligent means to show care and conscientiousnes, but the best definition is its derivative from Middle English via old French from Latin: ‘diligere’ to love, take delight in!

That’s not so say that things won’t get us down, I get bummed sometimes too, but with a reminder of “Joie diligente” I would take the time to say, OK, this too shall pass and look for the delightful things I have…I really would if only I would remember to do it!!!

Oh yes…full circle.  So my friends, love and take delight in the joy of being joyful! It is truly contagious.

Gotta go, I’m off for a diligently joyful weekend with my family, and I feel an artwork coming on…


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