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The Inducement of Loyalty June 21, 2009

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Social media and social media experts have hit the spotlight with goodness only knows how many blog posts on the topic!  At the end of the day everything on twitter, blogging, facebook, my space et al is centred around the inducement of loyalty.

So how does a marketer induce loyalty…by remembering the ME in MEkerting!

Remembering that the times are changing and consumer centric content is more important than ever before, that is until the next wave comes along…maybe the next wave is no content…the silence of tumbleweeds blowing across our web pages as our customers flock to virtual reality experiences available through their TV, x-box or PS3??? But I digress…

So remember to make it about me, talk with me, know me, because really I don’t care a bit about you, or your silly features and benefits, I want you to listen to me and be receptive to me…

As your customer I may not be loyal forever…that’s for the really big boys like Apple, Coke & Nike, but I will be loyal for now, and to spread my wonderful word of mouth joy about your juicy brand, all you need is now, not forever!

So induce my loyalty now, mekert to me…gotta go, ‘Apple’ is asking me a question about a tweet I made earlier…


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