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Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s Keynote May 27, 2009

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This is a really nice, funny and at times thought provoking speech to the Carnegie Mellon graduates.  He talks about the technological comparison between his time and theirs/now.  It is amazing to hear the developments over the past 20 or so years spelled out in this way.

My takeouts?

Take advantage of your opportunities to make your own luck, you cannot plan innovation, just plan to be ready.

Do things in a group, groups are stronger and faster.

Trust is your most important currency in a networked world.

Live for the future.

Remember humans are more important than technology ~ remember to switch it off sometimes!

A mind set in it’s ways is a mind wasted.


One Response to “Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s Keynote”

  1. Isaac Dealey Says:

    Inspiring speech and I think you’ve listed the perfect set of takeaways. 🙂

    One of them in particular, “humans are more important than technology” is something that I think a lot of software engineers overlook or in some cases actively resist — and I say this, having been a software engineer since 1994. So in a way I’m kind of “betraying my kind” here, but at the same time, it is soooooo important. Software in general could be so much more helpful and pleasant if helpful and pleasant were a priority the way they should be. 🙂

    But today I focus most of my energy toward a very human goal that is not a job, in fact, it’s more important than any job ever could be. My purpose has become to create jobs for the millions of people on the autistic spectrum who are currently unable to work only because they are peculiar and unpopular. But I’m not doing it alone. 😉 We do it together here:

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