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The Tao of MEkerting May 7, 2009

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This is inspired by a blog posting from @copyblogger today called ‘The Tao of Online Marketing”

In it he talks about the simplicity and similarity between the way of the Tao and marketing relationships.  You need to read the full post to experience the aha that I had and many others too judging by the congratulatory comment stream below.

But the bit that really smacked me in the brain box was:

In Taoism, “wu wei” is roughly translated as effortless action. Wu wei means your marketing story is in harmony with the desires of your market. On the other hand, when you exert your will against your market, you disrupt that harmony and hit the wall.

Well if that is not an example of MEkerting as a fine definition then I’ll go hit the wall!

When you market to ME in harmony WITH me not AT me with your own will we have a willing, effortless exchange which may develop into a fiscal exchange and hopefully customer evangelism.

Wu Wei is the Tao of MEkerting!

MEkerting is about you-us-we (kinda rhymes with Wu Wei don’t you think!)


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