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One word can change everything. May 6, 2009

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Recognise the tag line above?  It belongs to Jim Carey’s latest movie Yes Man.

Now I haven’t seen the move as yet, but from all writeups it seems to be a very positive movie and that I can believe with such a compelling tag line.

Anybody who has read any kind of motivational books or attended seminars or workshops knows the power of self talk and that one word can indeed change everything.  You can choose your mood by controlling your thoughts.  Nobody said it was easy, and let me tell you I can be the first to fall off the wagon listening to my darned noisy spiteful inner voice.

But I thought that MAY being the month of questions (May I?) and answers (Yes!) that the release of this movie on DVD at my local VieoEzy store was a timely message for me.

Ask a better question, and get a better answer.  Remember that to get the most juice out of life be willing to make that self talk positive!  More ‘Yes’ in my life…gotta go, I’m off to see Jim Carey in Yes Man!


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