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MEkerting = social media + marketing May 6, 2009

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Well we are going around and around on the social media strategy treadmill at the moment.  Companies realise that customers talking ~ whether to each other, out there to the web, or to people within said company ~ is where it’s at.

As Jennie Beattie wrote this morning on her Reputational Democracy blog “Social Media – Why it’s not all about you” social media is not something that marketers can OWN.  It’s a bit like saying you are going to optimise your site for a search engine.  You don’t own that, you simply do your best to be a conduit for it’s discovery and ranking.

Social media is the same.  We create tools and portals for our customers to interract with us, and through us to each other – that’s social.  But we don’t actually control social in the true sense.  That’s for our customers to proudly own and drive for us.

So dear friends, MEkerting is the art of making your stuff about me, and the tools you give to me so gosh darned interesting and valuable to me that I tell all my other ‘mini-me’s’ about it.  Be social, but be about me…so it’s no longer marketing…it’s MEkerting.

That aughta make it easier to remember the next time you create a campaign…it’s not a marketing campaign it’s a MEkerting campaign…so who is it about then????

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