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But what do I say? May 5, 2009

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Now that I have finally implemented a strategy for reading the blogs that I love to subscribe to, and the tweeps that I follow ~ I am realising that there is so much content being constantly created on the web.
I ask myself do I have anything to say that is going to add to the global good or am I just another person adding to the white noise? That put me off blogging for the longest time I must say, the more active I was in reading and contributing to other blogs the less I felt inclined to write here.
I felt like I had nothing to add. What is my niche? What is my passion? Why would people be interested in what I had to say and if they weren’t interested then why write into a void?

But at the same time, the more I participated and read the more I felt inspired to contribute to my own blog.

Something I have noticed about content is that the good stuff goes around and around and pops up regularly but the bad stuff just sits there and sinks to the bottom.  Doesn’t mean it is bad per se, but perhaps just doesn’t add much to the global intelligence.

I decided that I am happy to create as I feel inspired, on whatever inspires me – be it art, education, marketing, silly ideas, all are my areas of interest…and it will sink to the bottom for now.  But one day, as I hone and refine my skills maybe I will have something to offer that will rise to the top and go around and around.

Until then, glub glub glub…I’ll take a deep breath and sit down here for a while!


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