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Keeping up with the bloggers April 26, 2009

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OK so I’ve worked out how to monitor my twitter usage to my best time economy advantage, but what about the endless stream of blogs that I am finding I wish to follow?

The blogs I’m watching seem to fall into a few categories so I have found myself a feed reader, I’m on a mac so I use NetNewsWire as it allows me to categorise clip and flag blog posts.

Some blogs make you think and are great for certain times of the day when you want to get your brain started perhaps over morning cofee. While others provide information on specific topics and are fantastic resources when you are immersed in a project. The third kind in my list are just interesting to know things. The “fun stuff that I just want to keep updated with that might be useful one day” kind of things.

So use a reader, let the feeds roll in and read them as you need to or as you make them part of your routine.

Tip #1 don’t get too far behind in your reading or it is too tempting to press the mark all as read button, and tip #2 learn to scan for interesting tidbits and if it’s a long post flag it to read in depth later if necessary.

It’s all about the tools and how you use them and finding the system that helps you take the best advantage from the plethora of resources and wonderful people out there that are all too willing to share their knowledge with the world.

A perpetual student like me who has to know simply everything about everything is just in 7th heaven!!!! Thanks everybody…


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