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Keeping up with the tweeps’ April 22, 2009

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Well when I started on Twitter I was very stressed about missing conversations as there was just so much relevant material going around.

Now I have come to realise that it’s OK to miss out on some…as interesting and useful as it may be…and life will go on.

I log in at times that suit my schedule, check out the stream, follow the links and learn some amazing things along the way. It has helped me to a degree that I cannot even begin to explain in expanding my professional knowledge and the odd bit of humour and lightness thrown in.

Oh such a brilliant and addictive tool! Tweeps I thank you! Like all tools you need to use it effectively with searches and follows and monitor your time – and the rewards…well as I said, the ideas, inspiration, links and help it has given to me is worth every second I invest.

Check you later I’m off to check out some more juice and connect with people all around the world…


One Response to “Keeping up with the tweeps’”

  1. Thanks Nicky. I need to get my head over the fact that I don’t need to read everything. Just need to train myself.

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